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Top Free Streaming Platforms

Stuck at home and getting a serious case of boredom?
Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!
We’ve found some of the lesser known free streaming (and legal!) platforms for you to unleash your procrastination on.
Now’s the time to stay home, save lives and netflix and chill (for freeeeee).


TED on Screen

For the regular tech mogul or influencer, it costs a pricey 6000 US dollars to attend an official TED Talk, and that’s the cheapest ticket!  The good news is, you can stream TED Talks for free online at TED on Screen, and there’s over 3300 inspirational, eye-opening talks for you to choose from.

Highly Relatable Content rn: Tim Urban - Inside the Mind of the Master Procrastinator and Bill Gates -  The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready.


Kanopy is a streaming site without ads that all students have access to through the UofA Library and you can login with your student email.  It offers a cool selection of indie films, documentaries and a few mainstream movies. If you’re looking to get lost in the weird and wonderful world of strange documentaries, sift through Kanopy’s 4434 docos; including titles like My Scientology with Louis Theroux and IRIS, the documentary about the extravagantly dressed New York fashion icon, Iris Apfel.

Top Film picks: Lost in Translation, Hunt for the Wilder People, The Babadook

SBS on Demand

Streaming Aussie free TV may seem a bit obvious, and old school, but SBS on Demand has a surprisingly good selection of international films and TV shows to choose from.  You do have to create an account and there are ads, but we forgive them because the content’s so damn good.

Film top picks: PRIDE, 12 Years a Slave

TV Picks: Brooklyn99, Years and Years, The Handmaid’s Tale

Stream Live Music



Remember going to gigs? Relive the joys of dripping in sweat and beer on a sticky floor, dancing to live sets from Live at the Wireless on Triple J in your bedroom.  They’ve got stacks of free audio recordings of gigs from big names like Stella Donnelly, Denzel Curry and Foster the People to remind you what socialising face-to-face sounds like.

To actually watch LIVE music, follow @isol-aid on Instagram, this cheeky TP themed online festival brought together Aussie musicians via Insta Live Stories last weekend, and rumour has it, they’ll be back with more quality live music content soon. 

Feeling classy? Around the world classical musicians are providing free online concerts.  You can access the Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall through the University Library (and in fact, they’ve made the website free for everyone right now) which gives you access to full video recordings of their concerts.  Other concert halls around the world including the Met Opera, are streaming their concerts live in the absence of any audience, so dress in your finest attire, tune in from home and feel absolutely gorgeous, darling! 


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