Welcome to your 2022 Event Program


In 2022 we’re doing things differently. Our events are funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). It’s your money so these events should be the events you want to attend.


In 2021 we conducted a survey asking what you wanted from events. This is what you told us:

  • You're most interested in events that allow you to 'experience new things', 'reduce stress', 'connect', and 'be a success'.
  • You like 'large outdoor' events, but 'online events’ are your least favourite.
  • You're most interested in food/drink festivals, markets and music concerts.
  • You're most likely to be available to attend our events weekdays between 12pm to 2pm, or 3pm to 5pm.




Step outside your comfort zone in April 2022

The first event theme you wanted was 'Experience New Things' - within this theme, we developed immersive activities to help you step outside your comfort zone and into new experiences including (but not limited to):

  • Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) tutorials and guide dog walk;
  • Unique campus and Art Gallery tours;
  • New sports and crafts;
  • Experiential Village offering new foods, exciting drinks, Virtual Reality, Rock Wall, inflatable surfboard, and roaming wildlife;
  • Secret Cinema screening and loads more!

Check out the event highlights video below to re-live the action: 


Make it happen in May 2022

What does success mean to you? As you prepare for your mid-year assignment and exams, we want to invigorate and inspire you. We're bringing activities to North Terrace, Roseworthy and Waite allowing you to: