Chess Club

Campus: North Terrace

The Chess club provides a fun environment for anyone to come play chess and make some friends. The Club has weekly chess session where members are encouraged to come along and play with other members of the club, learn more about chess and learn about the club. We also work closely with the South Australian Chess Association (SACA) to allow members to compete in tournaments against people from all over SA.    

Events: There are weekly chess session held in the hub throughout the year. The sessions are typically held on Friday all day (10am-5pm). They involve a bunch of chess boards and friendly people to play chess with. These days are for people who want to learn more about the club or just to play some games. Other events are held through the year by SACA for the more competitive players, which we let you know about.    

President: Aiden Chrisanthakopoulos

Fee: Free

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Please contact club to enquire about membership options.