Clubs COVID-19 FAQ

Bringing events back to campus?

With the return to campus fast approaching for many, we are excited to see clubs events once again taking place and bringing back some much needed excitement to University life. Lots of work has gone into ensuring Clubs can once again run physical events and there is still lots more work to be done. Before referring to the FAQs below we ask you to please note the following guiding principles:

  • Much of the information provided below is a general guide only. Due to the diverse and complex range of events that clubs run, we are unable to provide specific advice or approval for events.
  • All information provided is subject to change at any time in accordance with changes in AUU, University of Adelaide, or Government policy, restrictions and guidelines.
  • As individual clubs you will be responsible for ensuring your events are safe and compliant.
  • If you are unsure of something when planning an event we encourage you to always opt for a cautious approach.
  • Have a flexible and adaptable approach to events you are planning, things can change quickly so if you are planning an event make sure you anticipate changes and have a plan B and C in place, where the event can go online.
  • Look out for each other – it’s exciting that events are allowed back on campus and we are all reliant on each other to ensure that events are run safely, and continue to occur for the rest of the year.

We hope you find these FAQs helpful and look forward to working with you to hopefully create an exciting second half of 2020.

- AUU Clubs Team.

Are clubs allowed to hold events?

Yes - clubs are now able to hold events, provided they adhere to the up-to-date guidelines from both the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Government.

Clubs planning gatherings will be required to continuously monitor government, University of Adelaide and AUU regulations regarding gatherings and adhere to any changes as they occur.

Do we need to have a COVID-19 plan for our event or activity?

Yes, you should develop a COVID-19 plan for all events, gatherings and activities you run, no matter how large or small these activities are. The plan you need to develop will be determined by the type of activity you organise in accordance with the State Government Guidelines.

Guidance on creating a COVID-Safe Plan can be found here.

If your event or activity does not require your club to complete a Covid-Safe Plan under the State Guidelines, we recommend you complete a Voluntary Covid-Safe Plan to be aware of the risks involved and the safety recommendations from the State Government. At first instance, the plan is for you, as event organisers, to help run a safe event and ensure you are appropriately prepared.

Are we able to book event spaces such as the Exercise Studio?

Spaces on campus are now available to book. Please ensure you are aware of the space and room capacity guidelines for each space you book and use and strictly adhere to these.

To arrange booking the Clubs Spaces in Hartley, please email Kim Fereday or call on 8313 4501.

For all other spaces, including the Exercise Studio, please email Toni Pihodyna or call on 8313 5151.

Are event and equipment bookings made before midyear break 2020 still valid?

It is possible some bookings will have been removed or cancelled due to COVID-19 space closures and restrictions in Semester one.

The AUU advises clubs to contact the relevant booking authority and confirm any bookings made prior to the COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns; this applies to external and on-campus booking.

Are there restrictions on large gatherings on the University of Adelaide campus?

There are different rules depending on the number of attendees at an event. Currently events with more than 1000 attendees require a Covid-Management Plan, in accordance with the South Australian State Government.

Can we organise events off-campus?

Yes - clubs are permitted to organise and host events off-campus, however all events must be conducted in accordance with the government guidelines. Clubs will be responsible for maintaining hygiene procedures to minimise the possibility of the spread of infectious bacteria.

We recommend clubs obtain a copy of their venue’s COVID-Safe Plan, or make their own.

Is the AUU able to assist our club in obtaining sanitizer and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for events?

The AUU is looking to trial the hire of sanitizing stations to clubs, information will be updated on the AUU Clubs Equipment page.

For health and safety reasons the AUU will not be providing PPE, this will be the responsibility of individual clubs to organise. However, if you require assistance, please email the AUU Clubs Admin.

Can our club still hire equipment such as microphones, barbeques, trestle tables etc. from the AUU?

Yes – however, there will be a number of changes and restrictions on the equipment that the AUU is able to hire out to clubs. Check the AUU Clubs Equipment page for updated information.

Can we serve food and beverages at our event?

For any events involving food, follow the State Government’s Restrictions and Responsibilities for Activities and Gatherings.

Self-service buffet style food, shared utensils and communal beverages are not currently permitted in accordance with government guidelines.

If an event is small and limited to club members only, members can provide food for themselves (such as dinner), however, food cannot be shared (e.g. platters/chips).

Is our club allowed to play tactile games such as chess or other board games?

Events with items that necessitate human contact must ensure there are appropriate hygiene procedures in place. Items such as game pieces and cards must be disinfected before and after use. Participants should also ensure they maintain hand hygiene before, during and after play.  

Are we able to organise multi-day events such as camps?

It is currently recommended that overnight events be altered to take place during the day, with attendees returning to their own homes at night and returning the next day. 

Can we book a club stall in and around Hub Central?

Yes – stall spaces will be available for bookings, however there is a new system and strict guidelines which you will need to comply with.

Find information on Hub bookings here, or contact Hub Space Bookings on this email.

Can we still hold meetings/ our AGM?

Meetings and AGM’s may take place in person, or digitally where possible. Clubs are also reminded that at the conclusion of the AGM it is necessary to re-register your club through the AUU.

Can we hand out flyers and advertisements or conduct surveys and petitions for our club around campus?

No – it is advised that flyers and other forms of advertising are not handed out due to the risk of spreading bacteria, this also applies to sharing pens, clipboards and papers.

Posters can still be put up in the designated spaces on campus as usual.

Generally, we recommend clubs move their promotion online, to minimise paper waste.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If you are unable to find an answer from these FAQs, the University of Adelaide Covid-19 Updates or the State Government’s FAQs,  then contact and we will be in touch.

Above all, it is vital that each club uses common sense and practical hygiene solutions when holding events or gatherings of multiple people.

Extra Resources:

Check the SA Government’s FAQs for Covid-Safe Plan, and Activities and Gatherings.

Free Covid-19 Aware Training Module

This training covers the basics needed to prevent and control spread of infection of COVID-19. The training module takes approximately 30 minutes, once you have answered all questions correctly you will receive a certificate acknowledging successful completion of the training :


Print and display these posters at your club’s events and activities:

South Australian Government Resources

Guidance on making a Covid-Safe Plan:

If your club is not required to make a Covid-Safe Plan, we recommend you complete the Voluntary Covid-Safe Plan:

Keep a record of attendees at your events and activities using the government’s Contact Tracing Record form: