Clubs FAQs

How do I start a club?

The first step is to check the List of all clubs to make sure there isn’t already a club with the same purpose or interest – if there is, you will need to join that club rather than start another similar one. If there is no existing club for your chosen interest or purpose, check out the Start a Club tab on the left of screen. This will give you all the info you need to set up a new club.

Does it cost anything to join a club?

Each club manages its own memberships and finances. Some clubs are free, some have a joining fee or annual membership fee. Just email the club you’re interested in joining (see: List of all Clubs) to ask about their particular fees or membership requirements.

Does my club have an ABN, if not how do I get one?

Clubs are required to hold an ABN in order to open a bank account. You can apply online here

To check if you already have an ABN simply search your Club name here.

How can we promote our club to new members?

The Union provides two major opportunities for clubs to run membership drives each year. During O Week (beginning of Semester 1), clubs can book stalls, and even arrange to give demonstrations, at the Union’s O Week event attended by thousands of new and returning students. In second semester the Union coordinates Clubs in the Hub, where clubs can hold a stall to promote their activities and sign up new members. Clubs are also welcome to hold their own membership drives or publicity events through the year; resources such as space, event equipment and grants may be accessed for this purpose (see the ‘Bookings’ and ‘Grants’ tabs on the left).

How do I book space or items for my club’s event?

See the ‘Bookings’ tab on the left of screen. Under this tab you can make online bookings for space and equipment provided by the Adelaide University Union Clubs.

How do I book the Barr Smith Lawns and other areas?

They can be booked through the University's Bookings and Events Officer,

Toni also takes bookings for the following:

  • Barr Smiths Lawns 
  • Goodman Lawns & Walter young lawns 
  • Bonython Hall 
  • Scott theatre 
  • All lecture theatres 
  • Outside facilities 
  • Rumours Cafe 
  • Margaret Murray 
  • WP Rogers 
  • Cloisters 
  • Pfitzner Court

For Catering and Events Bookings :
Contact: Brad Hicks
Phone: 8313 3077

  • Eclipse Room 
  • Rumours Cafe 
  • Harry Medlin Room North 
  • Harry Medlin Room South 
  • BBQ Hire 
  • Catered Events located at the North Terrace Campus

How do I get a club bank account?

To open a bank account for your club, you need to pass a resolution at a meeting of your club. Make sure this is in the minutes:

the names of the signatories are in the minutes
You will require 2 signatories (eg. The Treasurer plus President or Secretary)

Either make an appointment with the bank, or just go in, but make sure you take the following:

  • 100 points of ID for each signatory
  • Minutes from your meeting
  • A copy of your club constitution

You will need to apply for a “Clubs and Societies” Account

How do I join a club?

Check out the ‘Clubs’ tab on the left of screen. That will tell you a bit about each of the 150+ clubs that are currently registered with the Union. Each club listing includes contact details; once you find the club(s) that you’d like to join, Click on the JOIN NOW link. Each club manages its own admission and membership requirements and they’ll let you know the next steps.

What clubs does the Union support?

Clubs can exist for social, political, religious, academic or hobby interests. Sports clubs are not overseen by the Union. See Adelaide University Sports for more information. 

What is 'Registration' of a club?

Registration is the process of being recognised as an official club by the Union. Only registered clubs have access to space, equipment and grants provided by the Union for clubs. Registration is also required by the University to be able to enter in to a Licence Agreement – this is the document that gives a club the right to call itself a University of Adelaide club and be covered by the University’s insurance for club activities. Re-registration is the process of submitting paperwork (AGM minutes, renewal Licence Agreement, any other required documents) each year to maintain current registration.

What is the Clubs Committee?

The Clubs Committee is the body that approves the registration of new clubs with the Union, approves club grants & handles club grievances. The Clubs Committee is comprised of two student members of the Union Board (including the President), the Clubs Administrator, and two student representatives from registered clubs. The clubs representatives are elected by club Presidents in elections held the second semester each year. Membership of the Clubs Committee is from 1 December each year until 30 November the following year.

The elected representatives for 2021 are: Will Broderick, Nicholas Birchall, Angela Qin & Andrew Lai.

What support and resources can clubs access?

The Union provides space and equipment for registered clubs to book (mostly free of charge). Some things that the Union can’t provide can be sourced through the University. The ‘Booking’ tab on the left contains a list of available spaces and items, and instructions for booking these. See the ‘Grants’ tab for more information on applying for a grant. A Clubs Administrator is available to answer queries from clubs and assist with putting together applications for grants or new club registrations. Clubs however are responsible for managing their own meetings, finances and paperwork.