Korean Students Association


Founded by both Korean and non-Korean students in 2017, the Korean Students Association (or K.S.A for short) came into being for Korean students to network, socialise and promote the rich and striking culture of modern Korea to all students on campus.

We welcome all Korean students at to be a part of our club, have fun and meet others who are far away from home or who share our heritage. Being a part of K.S.A gives you a bigger connection at Adelaide and the chance to socialise and make new friends.

A cental aim of K.S.A is to build opportunities for students of other backgrounds to get to know the real Korea - its art, language, film, literature and cuisine as well as its popular culture. Cultivating deeper insights and getting to know Korean students is one of our major strengths along with inclusiveness.

We welcome all students to come to our casual Korean film nights and drop by our authentic campus food stands, among many other campus-wide activities we hold throughout the year and promote through Facebook. New members are invited to exclusive events, and competitions will be held in the year for all members to enter and win.

We are always looking for new members so send us an e-mail here,, if you would like to connect. Otherwise press Like and stay tuned to our page!




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