Secular Students' Association

Welcome to the Adelaide University Secular Students' Association! Founded in 2005, we are the oldest secular students' university club in Australia.  We welcome students of all backgrounds (religious, cultural, etc.) to the club and openly invite all students to attend our events. The drive behind this association is to foster a supportive social network for people within the campus that intend to iterate the point that it is OK to not have faith, while also exploring how secular ethics and morality can be observed and cultivated within this university, this country, and across humanity at large.  Please feel more than welcome to contact us via email with any and all queries. We hope to be there for students both seeking out a like-minded and supportive social network as well as for those seeking to promote and address secular issues.


Campus: North Terrace

President name: Lazaras Panayiotou

Fee: $5 one-off joining fee

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