Environmental Officer

Emma Troughton  


Name: Emma Catherine Troughton

Degree and Year of study: Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of International Studies; Bachelor of Arts (Media + Asian Studies)

What inspired you to engage with the office and the role you currently hold? I was inspired to ensure that there is no-nonsense governance on the SRC. The SRC should be nailing the basics and ensuring that all students are represented.

What do you hope to achieve in your office and role in 2021?

As Environment Officer I want to spark the University of Adelaides carbon neutral future. 

What Clubs are you involved with at UofA?

- Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) 

- Adelaide University Monarchists Club

- Adelaide University Law Students Society (AULSS)

- Culture Bridge - Adelaide Division 

- Adelaide University Indo-Pacific Leaders Network

What led you to join the clubs(s)? A passion for connecting with like-minded communities of students. 

Favourite holiday destination/activity? Anywhere in Asia or the Pacific - exploring and learning about new cultures!

Favourite place to study on campus? Law Library - Level 1 in particular

What advice would you give to students starting out at the University of Adelaide? Join clubs that interest you and explore opportunities that are available to you outside of the classroom.