Welfare and Wellbeing

Our team will support you in relation to any issue which is directly or indirectly impacting your ability to study successfully and may include a wide range of difficulties or concerns.

We are committed to assisting you in whatever way possible to support your academic success. Our staff can explore relevant strategies for managing issues that are affecting your ability to focus on your studies. Where appropriate we may refer you to other University services or external organisations for specialist advice and support.

To make an appointment email studentcare@adelaide.edu.au or phone 8313 5430

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is a service that was developed by Student Care in 2014 following responses from students to a University survey about how to allocate funding from the Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF). Students identified health, welfare and food provision as high priorities and Student Care responded to this by applying for a grant from the SSAF Fund to offer breakfast twice a week during semester. As the success of Breakfast Club has grown over the past four years, we now offer Breakfast Club 4 days a week. To reduce waste and help us do our bit to help the environment, we ask that you bring your own mug or cup. 

The aim of Breakfast Club is to support students with success in their studies by providing a nutritious breakfast so that they are not skipping this important meal or missing out on breakfast due to low income.

In addition to our Breakfast Club staff, an Education and Welfare Officer from Student Care attends each morning.


The selection of foods will vary and may include any combination of the following:

  • Toast* with assorted spreads
  • Hot cheese toasties*
  • Tea, coffee, juice
  • Cereals*  (a choice of 2 or three)
  • Fruit (usually a choice of 2)
  • Yoghurt
  • Muesli bars

*Gluten free option available, please request from our staff.

Soy and lactose free milk options are made available on the tables with tea/coffee and cereals. 

*Please note; In the context of Covid some of what we are able to offer has been temporarily impacted. 

Many of the breakfast items are sourced from Food Bank where possible, and we are extremely grateful for their support. The offering whilst largely similar each week may vary depending on availability of staple items. At times there may be variations or “extras” available.

You are welcome to help yourself to a serve of breakfast to get you started with your day and /or grab a piece of fruit or muesli bar for a grab-and-go option.

Please be mindful of others and consider your serving sizes as there is only an allocated amount available on each day. We also appreciate you helping us to keep the Breakfast Club venue clean and tidy.