Volunteer FAQs



What kind of volunteer programs are available at AUU?

U-Crew (on-campus opportunities): Assisting AUU Events Team with delivering events throughout the year. You can be involved in O’Week, Native Food Market, Mid-Year Orientation, Health and Wellbeing events and more.

Change Makers (off-campus opportunities): Volunteer with external organisations and you can build your skills and make a difference outside of the University community.



How to register for U-Crew and Change Makers?

Head to U-Crew page and click on “Register Now” (in red box).

Head to Change Makers page and click on “Register Now” (in red box).



Are there any other programs are available at AUU?

Within U-Crew, we have the following programs that you are welcome to apply for within our application periods. In order to apply for these programs, volunteers must be registered on the U-Crew on MyImpactPage. Check out our semesterly programs below:



How do I find out about volunteer opportunities from external organisations?

When external organisations register volunteer opportunity with the AUU, our Volunteer team will announce these opportunities on email through your MyImpactPage account and on the AUU Volunteer Connect Facebook Page. Join this page to keep in the loop on the Volunteering with the AUU and keep an eye on your emails!



How do I sign up for volunteer shifts?


To sign up to U-Crew opportunity, you must login to your MyImpactPage and head to OPPORTUNITIES tab.

Change Makers:

Opportunities for Change Makers will depend on the opportunity and the organisation. Some external organisation would prefer you to sign up via their website or directly contact them, and in other instances, organisations will provide us with exact schedules and details, which AUU Volunteer Coordinator will ask you to sign up via MyImpactPage. Make sure you read each external opportunity carefully for details on how to get involved!



Is registering for a program different from signing up for volunteer shifts?

Yes, they are completely separate actions. Registering for program means you are creating your MyImpactPage account under either our U-Crew or Change Makers programs. Signing up for volunteering shifts means you need to login to your MyImpactPage then select volunteer shifts that are suitable for your availability on OPPORTUNITIES tab.



What is MyImpactPage?

MyImpactPage is a scheduling system that AUU utilise. This is the main communication tool between you and AUU Volunteer Coordinator. You can see and select volunteer shifts that are suitable to your availability and also to keep a track of your volunteering hours completed, which will be very handy for Adelaide Graduate Awards!



How to use MyImpactPage?

Please read the first email you received after creating an account on MyImpactPage. The email will assist you finding ‘How To' Guide to MyImpactPage. If not, please see the image below:



Why can I not see a volunteer shifts on My Impact app?

My Impact App does not show you everything. We highly recommended for you to use the MyImpactPage website and use the App ONLY when clocking into your shifts.



What is Volunteer Feedback Form and where can I get it?

The Volunteer Feedback form is used in our Change Makers program only, so that you can get feedback from your external volunteering, plus it helps us verify your hours. This can be found on ‘Files’ section on HOME tab on your MyImpactPage, Change Maker account. See the image below: