Healthy Research Volunteer

Healthy Research Volunteer
University of Adelaide

Various. An honorarium of $18⁄hour will be paid for your time spent at study visits.
Loading Bay, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building, corner North Terrace and George St
Adelaide South Australia 5005
Other After eating a meal, a number of processes in the body regulate how rapidly the stomach empties the meal and enters the small bowel(called stomach emptying). Differences in how quickly or slowly nutrients enter the small bowel can have important consequences for factors such as absorption of nutrients and medicines into the blood stream, as well as blood sugar control. Our study is looking at a couple of different blood sugar levels to measure the effect on stomach emptying and also the effect on the absorption of paracetamol.

Help us investigate the effect of blood glucose levels on stomach emptying and the body's ability to absorb paracetamol under these conditions.

An honorarium of $18 an hour will be paid for your time spent at study visits.

If you are:

  • Male
  • Aged 25 years- 60 years
  • BMI between 20-29 kg/metres squared
  • non-smoker (or smoke less than 10 cigarettes / day)
  • healthy with no significant illness
  • Not following a modified diet eg. vegetarian

We would like to hear from you!

Please email Jacqui at or call 083136691 for more information.

To speed up the process of application, please complete and submit the attachedHealthy Research Participation Questionnaire.