Past Events

Roseworthy O'Night
Corridor Block Lawns
Roseworthy clubs stall, AUU membership perks, hotdogs, music, games, freebies and entertainment!
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Native Food Market
Discover the incredible foods and flavours of the world's oldest surviving culture at the Native Food Market! We’re turning the Kaurna Learning Circle into an foodie heaven, filled with locally sourced samples of native-inspired food and drink.
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AUU Members Perks Party- The Ice Arena Edition
Ice Arena
Cash in on your AUU Member's Perks for the AUU Member's Perks Party- The Ice Arena Edition!
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Mid-Week Munch Member Lunch - Pancakes
The Cloisters, North Terrace Campus
Get your free lunch fortnightly during semester, exclusively for our AUU members.
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Around the World
Barr Smith Lawns
Come and explore food, activities, sport and music from around the world.
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Waite Social Club
Lirra Lirra Cafe, Waite Campus
It's Friday knock-Offs with the Union! Head to the Lirra Lirra Cafe for a pop-up bar and light refreshments, and celebrate the end of the week. All staff and students welcome.
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