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The Union's Top Podcast Recommendations

During this time of isolation, it can quickly become apparent that the confines of our homes harbour much less entertainment than once assumed. But when Netflix has been exhausted, bookshelves emptied, socks paired and push-up schedules abandoned, the humble podcast will always be there to assist the slowly creeping hours. 

With a limitless selection of content spanning every topic, genre and style imaginable, podcasts cater to the whims of listeners seeking knowledge, laughs or simply a diversion from the current global reality. 

Below are some podcasts that may serve to keep the calendar ticking until we are one again free to unleash our caged energy on the outside world.


Seincast/Office Ladies

Fans of classic television should not look past these two wonderful tributes to Seinfeld and The Office. Seincast is a full retrospective featuring every single episode of perhaps the most well known show in television history. Loaded with stories and trivia even the most passionate fans will never have heard, this is the holy grail of the show about nothing. 

Office Ladies is hosted by two of the principle actors from The Office, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. Not just co-stars but best friends, Jenna and Angela give a behind-the-scenes look into every episode they worked on. A must for fans of the show, the hours will fly by when being regaled with feel-good stories from the set of a television institution. 

Quicklinks: https://www.facebook.com/seincastpodcast/


10 Percent Happier

Primarily a podcast concerned with meditation and mechanisms for approaching challenges, 10 Percent Happier has recently directed its focus to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want help dealing with the anxiety caused by this unprecedented crisis, ways to stay positive amidst the negative streams of information or advice on how best to work from home, this is the podcast for you. 

Hosted by American media personality Dan Harris, 10 Percent Happier usually takes the form of a sit down interview covering a wide-range of topics. Once you’ve caught up on how to approach the coming weeks, check in with the back catalogue to pan for the never-ending specks of gold hidden within.

Quick links: https://www.tenpercent.com/podcast


This podcast from the ABC has a back catalogue of hundreds of episodes and continues to release new content at a remarkable rate. Hosted by Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski, Conversations illuminates stories from all walks of life with charm, humour and a healthy helping of perspective. 

A wonderful way to learn about characters and topics that may have never crossed your mind in the past, Conversations always delivers something special. 

Quick links: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/episodes/

Filthy Casuals

Three Aussie comedians talking about video games. What more could you need? With new episodes released each week and a huge selection of past episodes to choose from, this is the perfect way to stay up to date with the best games to play while staying indoors. 

Quicklinks: http://www.filthycasuals.com.au/

OrdiNeroli Speaking

Sports fans rejoice! One of the most-loved journalists in Australia, Neroli Meadows has begun a podcast featuring interviews with some the of countries biggest names. Hear from international cricketer Glenn Maxwell, AFL star Adam Treloar and Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan while waiting for more enthralling episodes to drop.

Quicklinks: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/ordineroli-speaking/id1500848514

Double Impact

One of the best things to do during a lockdown is catch up on all those movies you’ve been meaning to watch for years. But everyone knows the feeling of sitting down to watch something and finding it impossible to remember a single movie you wanted to see.

That’s where Tristan and Greg come in with their Double Impact podcast. Join as they take listeners through all of the best (and worst) movies from their personal collections and revel in the fact that you now have a long list of movies you’re desperate to watch. 

Quicklinks: https://doubleimpact.simplecast.com/

No Such Thing As A Fish

Fans of facts assemble! This podcast, from the makers of television show QI, brings together writers and researchers each armed with a fact designed to wow their fellow presenters. Did you know that in 1957, the man with the world’s longest beard tripped over it and broke his neck? Or that until 1858 all British passports were written in French?

If you knew those then hey, maybe you don’t need this podcast after all. But if you didn’t, download No Such Thing as A Fish and pull up a chair in the best classroom on the internet. 

Quicklinks: https://www.nosuchthingasafish.com/

Good Life Project

Hosted by Jonathan Fields, this podcast reaches into every corner of the human experience and lays the groundwork for positive growth and enhanced optimism. Each week a different guest, often a bonafide expert in their chosen field, regales Jonathan with the story of their life, providing fascinating insight along the way.

In addition to these interviews, there are special episodes that narrow the focus and aim to help listeners improve a more specific area of their journey. Scroll through and pick out the ones that interest you most but be prepared to love every single episode, even the ones that don’t leap off the screen at first.

Quicklinks: https://www.goodlifeproject.com/podcast/

The Gays Are Revolting

The Gays Are Revolting is a definitive weekly news source for contemporary queer folk of all kind. They bring you a healthy dose of smutty lovemaking stories and trivial pop culture nonsense, without all that hetero hoopla. They put the G in LGBTIQA+, and are here to help you be the best whatever you can be.

Quicklinks: lipp.media/shows/the-gays-are-revolting


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